thats it

i am just an acmASCIS contestant no more

a couple of weeks are remaining to the new ASCIS committee announcment

i’m pretty sure that i’m in the new committee

i dont care what my position in it would be

all what i care is that i must be useful to it ..

for the junior contestants to have a chance like i had..

i’ve seen some of the things that must be done for the committee it really needs effort and time

i didnt think of that before 

all what i cared about was to get ready for the next contest , register , enter the contest and have my Molto&Pepsi and enjoy the post-contest event

now i can see that those things are so hard to organize and make sure that they go smoothly so contestants feel jsut like i felt

but i’ll try to do my best isA

but i wont forget my training anyway 😛 as it is my last chance to enter the ANARC Regional Contest

and i’d like so much to have a good rank in it
i just want to thank all the previous -and the current- committee for what they did

and hope that i can do something useful with my committee for ourselves, the ACMers and next committees

if u wanna help “and u will not be in the new committee :D”

just pray to God to Help me 🙂