well this is the third day since i installed vista

i think i’m getting used to it more than the First day

i like the animations, the speed, the start menu search and i found some other useful gadgets.

I know that i can have all those features on XP by installing some patches and programs

but i like to take a test drive for a while 🙂


lets see the problems i found

1-the Memory consumption is nearly stable it goes up to 70%

but it happend to exceed 93 % at some time

i cant remember what i was doing exactly but any way that is not good at all

2-C: was about to be full

today i found that the remaining capacity in C:/ was less than 1GB

and the disk capacity indicator ( which i liked BTW ) turned red

i rushed searching for programs that clean the Junk unused files for Vista and found this “WinDirStat

it helped showing the unused files with large capacity so i deleted them

now i have 3.8 GB free and Windows is still dowloading updates

3-Internet connection is not stable

the network connection used “Automaticly aquire IP address” by default

and that configuration made the connection fail frequently but when i choose to diagnose the fail reason it fixes itself

after configuring the IP’s manualy “and ofcourse using Open DNS” and till now it is working good

(may be it’s not the Vista’s fault may be the network had some problems)

i think i’ll continue for a while….