1 Week since i’ve installed Vista for the first time

Windows Vista wallpaper (by Microsoft)

i faced some problems since then but i think they have been solved

the memory consumption is stable except when i burn DVD’s it raise up to 9x % πŸ˜€

but i have to be fair and mention what i liked in it as i mentioned what i didn’t like -alot πŸ˜€ –

in those posts

New To Vista

New To Vista (episode 2) [Trying to survive]

1- (for the third time) the animations πŸ˜€

2-Some utilities which are installed with it like the Windows Calender, Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes

I know that i can get better utilities and install them manually to XP but “Manually” !!! πŸ˜€

3-The Network Connection Manager

yep i liked that

in the system tray u have the icon of the connected connection

i liked it because it represents the connection status on it either it is connected to a local network only or local network with internet access or not connected at all πŸ™‚

I remember that one of the reasons i made the Network Scanner was for that

and when the connection fails for any reason except disconnected it tries to diagnose the reason and fix the specific reason not just “Repair” as in XP or ofcourse tell u “contact the network administrator” πŸ˜€

4-The Famous search box in the start menu πŸ˜€

somehow i don’t care if they took it form Mac OS or from anywhere i just care that i have it now πŸ˜€

it searches for the name u write in the programs menu, history, files stored in the PC, ur Mails, ur contects

and even in the chat logs πŸ˜›

and i use it to run shell commands

u can use wild chars in the search


there is no “UP” in the windows explorer but in the address bar u can click on any folder name and it will navigate to there

and ofcourse u can write the path u want to navigate to as text πŸ˜€

and the “Folders View” on the left helps also

6-The windows context menu has some nice commands

7-i feel that the processes are not affected by each other

it means when some application is not responding others are not affected in performance

the gadgets are working smoothly and windows animations also and all other apps

not like what happens in XP when some process is not responding the computer is “!!!!!!!!!!!!”



when u r showing file extensions and u select a file and press F2 to rename it it selects the file name only without the extension

that was irritating in XP πŸ™‚

i think i’ll keep Vistaing till it crashes πŸ˜€

and about the Disk Space issue

from my point of view the major points that consumed space was

1-Windows Updates

it downloaded alot of updates and SP1 consumed alot but after it is installed u can free the space used by running a command “SP1CLN” it will get some space BUT it will make the SP1 installation undoable

2-Shadow Copies

Delete it when u need space

RMB click on C: ->properties -> Disk cleanup -> files from all users

and select the second tab

3-The Page Files

where the OS dumps ur memory on the disk to swap –Virtual Memory

i just moved it to another drive

Now i have 6 GB free in C: πŸ˜€Β  Thanx God

i think i’ve been fair enough since my latest two posts

it was just the impact of change πŸ™‚


oh i forgot something !!

that was the first thing i liked in Vista….

it has a built in image for user accounts “a cute cat” πŸ˜€