Now i wanna sleep !!!!!

all what i need is to sleep, but whenever i rest my head to my pillow dozens of thoughts jump up into it from no where..

in less than a month i got alot of responsablities that will keep me awake !!!

why is that ?

a year ago i was looking for a thing to keep my somehow busy

but now i really am so busy so i have to delay some of my responsabilities or even sacrifice some

i really like to do something but i really dont want to act selfishly

i’m pretty sure u wont understand all what i mean

just all i wanted now is to write something or specifically anything

i just felt lonely so i needed to tell anybody anything

but anything that is away from my life

i feel that i need a 7 days week end where i can think in nothing, just to make my mind take a break

but when will this week come , i think its far a way from now

i have to manage alot of things before even thinking when will be that week.

i know that this post is not worthy reading, but as i told u i’m just trying to sleep.

so Good Night and sorry for wasting your time.