Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

if u r familiar with the distributed computing, then u have used,seen or even heard about MPICH

well, here are the steps u follow to make and run an MPICH program

1-download and install the MPICH executable form their website

2-include the headers and add the lib files

3-write ur program and build it

4-and after solving the errors that will reveal in ur code πŸ˜€ go to the mpich bin directory -All programs in the start menu if u r a windows user- and open the mpirun program and browse for the executable u have built, configure the number of processes to run and finally run in


the first step is repeated once per installation,the second is repeated per project and the last two are per the number of logical errors found in ur code, which is a good number πŸ˜€

and since programmers are lazy i’ve figured out the way to run the MPICH programs in the eclipse’s console

first i’ll show the steps of adding the librariesΒ  and the includes

– Create a C/C++ project

– Select that project and RMB-> Properties , expand the C/C++ build and choose Settings -> GCC C++ compiler

– Select “Directories” and add the directory where the MPICH header files are installed

and also adding the libraries to the linker in the GCC C++ Linker

after this step u r ready to write the programs as u like

then comes the step for configuring the run to have the programs run in the eclipse’s console without opening the mpirun explicitly

choose the run configurations and edit it as follows

i think the “Program is not recognized executable” won’t affect, just apply it

and in the arguments tab

notice the variables sent “-np 4”

which means “number of processes to be run are 4”

u can change it as u like or as needed

after those configurations u can run the MPI programs u write through the eclipse’s console

i hope that helps somebody πŸ™‚