first take care how will you read the title

i mean don’t read it as “The (Half Rule)” but read it as “(The Half) Rule”  parenthesis makes difference 😀

i mean “Half” here is a noun  not an adjective

if u still can’t understand just u’ll understand from the context 😀

ok ok.. hold on.. “Kanoon El-Noss” , i think it’s now clear 😀

well, this rule was developed in SC’09 Class or u can call them the SC Mens…

yes… “Mens”

any way, this rule is simply that “the doctor has 30 Mins to be late, else he won’t find any one to give a lecture or a section” 😛

i know that this may not be a right decision but..

1-being students doesn’t mean that Doctors doesn’t respect us and come on time

2-SOME doctors punishes the students who come late, so i think we have the right to do something like this

the third reason which i like the most is….

being a group of people who have one decision

thats really what i loved in creating such a rule “to unit”

we really felt powerful with this ONE decision, “the something that i really miss as an Egyptian or even an Arab 😦 ”

that rule made some doctors call us before the lecture/section time telling that they’ll be late

at the end i/we didn’t intend to insult any one from those who teached us ,but we had the right to do what we did besides we felt the power of being a unit and did what Dr.Roushdy Aamer said, “that students can’t and won’t unit”

Note: this post is written on April/17/2009 , but won’t be published till this term is over…..

u know…. when an Egyptian misunderstands….. 😀

Long Live SC Mens