Today was my first day at work, in a company called Andaulsia Healthcare Business Solutions  “AHBS” in my beloved Alex.

kind of i was surprised by the coding approach used there, it’s simply “No Coding”


every thing is made using wizards and code generators, and i mean it  “everything”, where the computer’s mouse is the main actor here

and u use ur keyboard as a shortcut to Copy, Paste and press “Alt + Ctrl +Delete” when Windows hangs 😀

the manager has a point anyway, he doesn’t want “some kind” of developers to mess the code up, or write untraceable buggy code, and the company is specialized in one field where this approach can fit.

this approach depends mainly on MS products (SharePoint, InfoPath, Web Services,….. ), Markup languages (i’ve already seen +4 formats) and converters between those formats

i think in small projects this approach makes no sense, as it takes may be up to 3 times the normal development time, moving between apps and configuring various wizards

may be it saves some time with large systems, i don’t know till now, i didn’t see handling complex situations with this approach, but i think it won’t be that complicated

today, i’ve implemented 3 sample apps just to learn the process without using the keyboard except to name the files

for me it’s useful as i’m learning some new tools and approaches but i think writing loops, algorithms, playing with pointers and banging my head against the wall because of the stupid reasonless bugs is more interesting 😀

ah…. one last thing. i cant say  that outlook is not useful or small application, but for me.. it sucks and i hate it :S