No, the old install didn’t crash !!!

i just was very anxious about the new Ubuntu release (Karmic Koala), so i installed the RC version

and as u know i hate to install a fresh install of any OS until the currently running one crashes, hangs and cries to let it die 😀

but anyway i was going to install a fresh install whenever Karmic is released as it will need an ext4-formated partition

so, it took may be no time to be installed, or may be i didn’t feel the time coz i was surfing the Internet on the same machine while it was being instaled..

i just pressed 6 or 7 “Next” buttons and a click or two at each wizard screen,

then wrote my Name, login name and password

and it worked like a charm..

then it prompted me to confirm the installation of the wireless drivers as it was proprietary drivers, then i was ready to go

-i liked the default theme, which is the one i’m using

-the new “Ubuntu Software Center” which replaced “Add/Remove Programs” looked nice, but anyway i just search for the app name that i wanted to install…

-The sound preferences is well managed compared to the previous Ubuntu versions


Mail Menu

-Empathy is installed by default rather than pidgin, but i like pidgin more

-i liked the grouping of the Mail client with the messengers in the Mail Menu, with the different mails being specified

-it is faster and lighter than the previous versions

-while booting it shows animated icon instead of the text which was displayed usually.

-Firefox 3.5 is very fast on it compared to Ubuntu Jaunty

-And Chromium as well 😀

-the thing that excited me today was the scrolling, on my laptop i can use my touch pad as a partially multi-touch 😀

u can see it says Two-Finger scrolling, but i used both hands, looooool

-And one important thing that i liked, now each disk is mounted with a constant ID, i have no idea what that ID represents but it is always the same, to avoid the path changes when the order of mounted disks differ from a day to another

which means that the path to some file will always be /media/83427386432/file, rather than /media/disk-1/file where if the drives are mounted in another order, disk-1 will not be the one holding the file.

Problems i’ve faced till now

1-When i Shutdown, Restart or Logout it displays me a message box saying it’s gonna do that actions in 60 secs or i can just press a button to do it now, in Jaunty i was supposed to right click on the shutdown menu and configure some preferences but it doesn’t exist anymore


executed this command in a terminal

gconftool-2 -s '/apps/indicator-session/suppress_logout_restart_shutdown' --type bool true

2-When i mount any partition for the first time, it asks for the keyring password, i want to disable this dialog without disabling the Keyring


Not Found Yet

3-Evolution is not minimized to the tray as the messengers do, even after it’s being added to the Mail Menu


i use “Alltray” program to minimize it to the tray, but it adds the evolution icon beside the Mail Menu where another Mail launcher already exist, i hope that to be handled, or may be i could add this feature myself :D:D

thats it for now, i’ll be back soon after some exploration 😉