And that would be my first extension for Google Chrome/Chromium πŸ™‚

as i’m have been using FireFox -and still using it- for a long time, getting used to double clicking text -non activated- links to be opened in another tab using the FireFox pluginΒ Text Link so i don’t have to go into the process Β “Select” – “Ctrl + t”- “Ctrl + v” + Enter to navigate to that link

you just go and double click the plain link to open it in a new tab or an email to open the default mail client

Features are to be added in future updates God willing, so u should install it from the chrome extensions gallery to ease the updating process from here.

designs by Hend Abd El Mon3em.

Current Features, Β it Opens:


1- Simple links in only one format (either it’s all bold, Italic,…, the same color, unformatted)

2-Links surrounded by any combination of Spaces, Single Quotes, Double Quotes

3-http://, ftp://, https://, file:// links

4-Simple links with mixed formats, if it didn’t work just change the click position

5-Simple links in the format (i.e , )


1-links surrounded by brackets and comma [], ( , url(


1-homepage links without preceding “http://” or “www” e.g.,

2-changed Icon


1-added option to choose either the new tabs to be opened in the background or focused in a toolbar button.


1-moved the option to the extensions options page


1-added support for opening the default mail client on double clicking on a mail text like

2-added the option to search Google for unmatched text, with the ability to disable that option from the options page


1-Supported websites with frames

any comments are welcome πŸ™‚