Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH Wa Barakato (peace be upon you)

God willing, this post will be a start of a series of posts about Cons and Pros i found in the companies i’ve worked/interned in.

of course all of those Cons/Pros are from my own point of view.

but first i want to mention what i’ve seen in the internship.

don’t know but i didn’t like the internship in the summer vacation after the third year, i felt that it wasted lots of my time

may be that i had my internship in Cairo where the transportation time is measured hours so the days just ended by the end of the day at the company and in the weekends i traveled back to Alex so i couldn’t read anything or do anything by my own.

i can not deny that i had some experience during these internships but i think if i had stayed at home i would have read more and studied any other thing better or even practiced ACM further.

thats why i advised every third year stud who asked me about the internship as:

“it depends on you.. if u know that if you stayed at home u can study or  develop some apps or even participate in some open source apps, then it would be better not to look for an internship, you’ll gain the experience of working in a company whenever you get hired but the technical experience or the science u’ll study would be hard to gain later – as u wont be free after this vacation to do anything unless u enter IS department 😀 – else if you know that you will just have the vacation to facebook and hangout then you HAVE to look for an internship -badal el sarma7a fel mawake3-”

unless it’s abroad, it would be a life experience rather than working in a company.