So, social media is now everywhere with different types, methods and apps, so what does it mean – at least for me – about every app I use


having friends on Facebook is like being with them in a huge playground watching what are they doing and may be watching how they are interacting with each other and may be I go poke him or tell him a comment about something he has done, the main difference between this and being with him in the real world that I can more often tell him that I’ve “liked” something he has done or some news he has shared.


Following some people (tweeps) on Twitter is like creating intersection points between your daily circles of life, where you can see his comments on something he has experienced or his opinion about anything while you are there listening to his time line, Twitter interaction might be less often than Facebook but sometimes it’s a bit more realtime interaction depending on how addict is your tweep 😀

3-Google BUZZ

It’s a place where you can find what you have missed about some one’s tweets, may be Facebook shares, diggs or reddits and google reader shares, so it’s the place to gather all info of all sorts but still I think it needs some time.

4-Google Wave

It’s a place where you can rarely see some body there 😀

5-Messengers (MSN, Yahoo, GTalk…etc)

A place  where you can find somebody when you need him at the moment, of course he might not be there now, but you can wait for a while, or try to send him an offline message to see whether he is hiding or not (invisible or something from that crap)

6-Sitting next to your desk

What ?!! how long has he been there ?!! 😐