At first I didn’t believe that this was a job, although I love the academic career path but in Egypt it is so not the job for such path…

Doing some worthless donkey work

I don’t know what made me much encouraged to try the job in this post

as you can see, even the title is not related, but i found myself attracted to that job..


the first year is about to end, my pre-masters year is ending though

gotta say i did enjoy it, enjoyed learning and teaching, really enjoyed being useful

enjoyed being a colleague for such awesome TAs

about the pre-masters, most of the subjects where just time-wasting, some where useful but not quit the time having them or even related to what I should care for

and to some point I don’t care..

about me teaching,

I won’t claim that I was even good, but I have the excuse of being newly hired for such job, and I will try to improve myself as much as I can, that’s why I chose to teach subjects I am relatively good at, to be learning how to teach more than learning the subject itself, and to compromise the time wasted in my worthless lectures..

so I assume to have the chance for further improvement in the future after finishing my pre-masters year.

Although this year I had got my lovely bike, where I use it to go wherever I want including the college, some liked the idea, some didn’t

actually I could see some students smiling/laughing on seeing me riding the bike, and once again, I don’t care

I would really love to see this idea spread, which I am noticing it is, I’ve seen a good number of cyclers in the streets in Cairo and Alexandria

And I hope to have a bicycles park in the college or the university then to be spread everywhere else, but it needs some others to come with their bicycles, not only me 😀

Again I’d really love to see this idea spread, specially in the university

About me being a government employee, I did enjoy laughing on seeing how stupid, worthless and time-wasting the regulations and rules are..

And how programmed the old employees are, and how much your smile pisses them off!! 😀

one last thing, being a teaching assistant made me able to see students types, and see my friends and my self in them, and how much I wanted to tell my-student-self just shut-up and listen! 😀

note, If you have any comment about me as a TA, please let me know, I might not show the comment but I will take it into considiration

what I hope for next year is to improve my teaching ability and participate in activities, specially my beloved ACM chapter, acmASCIS