That has been a good time since I got my first professional -somehow- bike and my third life time one.
Gotta say.. I really enjoy cycling, long distances are what I enjoy the most, and get exhausted the most as well πŸ˜€
But that’s awesome when you are able to be doing something healthy, specially for devs who work for a week on desk staring in a monitor and the longest distance they move is the maximum length of the mouse wire, yeah it’s a curse having touchpad! πŸ˜€
Anyway, just wanted to share some experience I had with bikes, where and how to buy, maintenance, accessories and so..

First, to buy..
Well the price varies on different things, first of all the brand, there are different number of brands out there in egypt, the one I have and love is my Orbea, it’s aΒ SpanishΒ brand with a warranty from the manufacturer through their website, and some other warranty from the retail you got it from, but most probably shorter warranty, you get bothΒ of course.

My Lovely Orbea Dakar “Maha” πŸ˜€

There is another brand that seems to be cheaper in Egypt that was Tubro, this one is Mexican and I never rode one, actually I never rode any bike rather than my Orbea.. and my two BMX’s when I was a kid.. a good, beautiful and respectful kid of course πŸ˜€

Anyway.. there are more brands but I have no much info about them.
The second thing affecting the price is the type, there are mainly three types.
Road, mountain and hybrid bikes

The road bikes are those you can see in races, that have thin tires and a roundedly bent handler, their price is higher, they are the best in long distances as they are lighter and faster, because their friction with the road is designed to be the minimum.

Road bike

Then comes the hybrid, a bit less thin tyres with some or without suspension mechanisms that handles some of the road bumps

Hybrid bike

Then the mountain bikes, those has broader tyres and have suspension mechanisms, some has springs connecting the rear rim to the bike and front springs holding the front rim, this type is called “Full suspension bikes” the other type is called “hard tail bike” that doesn’t have the rear suspension spring

Hard tail mountain bike (Orbea Dakar)

Full suspension bike (Orbea Occam S50)

Springs are used mainly to ease as much road bumps for you, or you will feel every single stone in the road, in Egypt we need Hammer flying bikes πŸ˜€

bicycle frame

The third factor affecting the price is the frame metal type, the cheapest is Iron and heavier will be the bike.
Then comes Aluminum frame, lighter than Iron one then carbon fiber bikes, the lightest and the most expensive πŸ˜€
Bicycle weight affects how tough and fast will it be to move it, but shouldn’t make much difference for non-racers, and will affect how much you will get tired when carrying it up for four floors as well πŸ˜€

Then comes the gear set type affecting the price, won’t talk much about it as nearly I know nothing about it except that mine is Shimano.

Where to buy…
You have many “Abo El Goukh” branches out there in cairo. One in El Gomhorya steet near Ramsis square.
Another one “Abo El Goukh today” is in Abdeen, but be awake as they might fool you.
Another branch is at the end of Abbas street in Nasr City.
Also there is “Bescletta” they have many branches as well, the only one I have been to is at the end of “El khaleefa El Ma’mon street near Roxy
They have pretty good stuff but a bit expensive ones.
And they have a green BMW bike with a frame made of titanium that is sooo heavy, and the bike costs 25,000 egyptian pound!!

For the accessories, there are some mandatory accessories you need to have..
First the helmet, you really need to wear one out there in those wild streets!


Second gel seat cover or gel short pants or both as the bike chair is thin and will hurt you πŸ˜€

Gel seat cover

Third gloves to protect your hand from the handler rubber and help you holding the handler tightly even when sweating and protect you hand when you fall off the bike (and you will fall :D)

Cycling gloves

Forth maintenance tools, you will need a set of Allen keys (or whatever keys that you can use to de-assemble your bike, but most probably that is done with Allen keys)

Allen keys

You will need a spare inner tyre, and tools that are used to get the inner tyre out and weld the holes incase you don’t want to totally change the tyre, and it is ok to just weld it
Oh… And a waist or back bag to hold those tools with you in rides and you will have to take them with you.

Maintenance toolkit

I think this is what I have in mind right now will write more later In Sha’ Allah, but you have to clean the bike every while, and of course you have to love your bike πŸ™‚