And here comes one of the projects I enjoy working in…

This project is somehow similar to that one which is used for FCIS students (the college that I am supposed to be one of its faculty members), And it is used to ease the way we give assignments to students and ease the way they solve it (hoping they solve :D)

First, the main form

And as you can see is divided into 4 parts.

1-Assignment Selector

1.1-Reload Assignments: Loads the available assignments for the student based on the Course selected, and fills the assignments in the combo box above it.

1.2-Fetch Questions: After the student chooses and assignment from the combo box above the button he should press this button to load the questions for this assignment.

2-Course Info

2.1-Name: this combo box will be auto loaded with the available course based on the Academic year the user has entered in the student information form.


This part has the question and the place to put the answer, the format of this area of the form will change according to the question type, (e.g. essay, MCQ…)

it has

3.1-Question: that will hold the question text.

3.2-Answer: Where the student will solve the question.

3.3-About: Hint about the question, if it needs

3.4-Navigation arrows < > (on the button right): To navigate between questions stating the number of questions and the number of the current question.

3.5-Submit button: After the student answers ALL the questions he should press it to be submitted to the server.


Just a place to display the state of the application and display errors in delivering and fetching if there are.

Second the Student Information form

As you can see, it needs no explanation, The student name, the section number or if he belongs to Bioinformatics department and the academic year First, Second, Third or Fourth.

And to get to that form, click on the upper toolbar under “Options”

Third the help menu

1-Webpage: will get you to this post if you want to understand something or report a bug.

2-About: Just holds the application version.

Finally: The steps you need to do to submit an assignment.

1-Open the application after getting it installed.

2-Got to Options->Student Information and set you information correctly.

3-The Courses Information combo box will be automatically filled with the available course for this year.

4-Click on “Reload Assignments”, If there are available assignments they will be loaded in the combo box in the Assignment Selector combo box.

5-Choose an assignment and click on Fetch Questions

6-Questions will be loaded in the Middle panel, solve whatever questions you want and navigate between them.

7-Click on “Submit” button and they  will be sent to the faculty members.


1-Assignments are named with their deadline dates (Yes, they won’t be available after that date)

2-On re-submitting the last answer overrides what was submitting before

3-Cheating is already detected, and cheating detection algorithms will be continuously improved.

4-If you have any bug please report it in a comment and i will try to fix it as soon as i can (I know it’s not good but I will use professional method if needed)

5-It is an Alpha version and has lots of bugs, just don’t panic 😀

6-I know I suck at designing and documenting, but I rock in sucking at designing and documenting (If you want to help, just let me know, Thanx :)).

7-You can get it from the box on the right panel.