So it’s FCIS third year, ha?!!


Ok, let me see..
First, FCIS third year is not hard at all, it is very interesting and you’ll learn so much from it if you wish just try to really free yourself from anything except your studies to enjoy it.

Second, the best thing to learn from during this year in some subjects will be the projects you do, so try to start in those projects as early as possible to give each project enough time and innovate..

Third, what I am going to write next depends mostly on my knowledge and experience that might be outdated as I was in this place may be three years a go and it depends on my way of thinking and opinions.

So, lets see the subjects you do have in it



First year as a teaching assistant


At first I didn’t believe that this was a job, although I love the academic career path but in Egypt it is so not the job for such path…

Doing some worthless donkey work

I don’t know what made me much encouraged to try the job in this post

as you can see, even the title is not related, but i found myself attracted to that job..



acmASCIS Submitter (FCIS Version)


Hello there,

Long time no see, ha?!

Anyway, I’m glad to announce the release a special version of my lovely project “acmASCIS Submitter

This version is customized for my faculty to help in the “Introduction to Algorithms” course, as there are some assignments containing problems to be solved on the UVA ACM judge

All what is added to this version is a form and a couple of buttons with some functionalities


Cons & Pros [ShuraTech]

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This company is located in El Maadi, here

and that was the first company I’ve been in, that was internship, i lasted there for a month.

it was a small company, we where 8 developers there during that time, but they’ve increased now.

it had relatively good projects and clients


Cons and Pros [Intro.]


Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH Wa Barakato (peace be upon you)

God willing, this post will be a start of a series of posts about Cons and Pros i found in the companies i’ve worked/interned in.

of course all of those Cons/Pros are from my own point of view.

but first i want to mention what i’ve seen in the internship.


Quotes i won’t forget


here are some phrases i’ve heard from some people i’ve met, mainly in FCIS -my faculty-

“this is the learning curve in FCIS”

Mohamad Meshref…. (SDE Microsoft Redmond)

*that graph was somehow accurate -for me anyway-


Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]



i just wanted to write some about the department i’ve choosen to continue with in my final year at FCIS

as you can feel from the title of the topic “Part 1” which means the first term of the year

basically it was not as i expected “actually i dont know what was i expecting 😀 ” but it was better i think it’s the only department that you are given the problem and some basic knowladge and you have to make implement an algorithm

and that’s exactly the ACMer’s life 🙂

i’ll give a short note on every subject from the first term

First : Scientific Visualization


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