But u r killing me !!

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ok, i admit that it was anΒ  innovative method that depends heavily on XML Programming,

i can say it saves a lot of time during developing the whole system, as the time required for every feature is nearly constant

just some generic methods to solve all the problems that can be found

but as known “Generic” can not cope with “Performance”, as there must be unneeded steps done with the small/mid sized problems, and it will be fully utilized with the problems that satisfies the general case problem -which is most of the time rare-

and even if u had the general case as the smallest/simplest case, u’ll waste some performance trying to combine those tiny generic solutions to solve the larger problems



Quotes i won’t forget


here are some phrases i’ve heard from some people i’ve met, mainly in FCIS -my faculty-

“this is the learning curve in FCIS”

Mohamad Meshref…. (SDE Microsoft Redmond)

*that graph was somehow accurate -for me anyway-


Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]



i just wanted to write some about the department i’ve choosen to continue with in my final year at FCIS

as you can feel from the title of the topic “Part 1” which means the first term of the year

basically it was not as i expected “actually i dont know what was i expecting πŸ˜€ ” but it was better i think it’s the only department that you are given the problem and some basic knowladge and you have to make implement an algorithm

and that’s exactly the ACMer’s life πŸ™‚

i’ll give a short note on every subject from the first term

First : Scientific Visualization