Cons & Pros [NTPSoftware]



I love it!

For me right now it is the best place to work in in Egypt, gives you a good degree of freedom and no need to care for transportation…

Except that I am having some overloaded situation I wouldn’t have left it.

So, continuing the Cons & Pros series..



Countable Objects [Problem NOT of the week]


Long time since the first problem..

This is a problem I’ve faced lately while developing in C# to have some statistics.

I’ve created a project that does something (of course !! :D)

and created a number of classes with some inheritance tree, where some classes inherit from others, anyway, after that i needed to count the number of instances created from each class…

pretty simple, just add a counter to the class, add increment/decrement methodology in the constructor/destructor.

but. kind of… I’m lazy to open each class, add those members and add them to the newly created, not new!

So.. let’s make use of Inheritances, Create a base class “Countable Object” where all what you need is a private static dictionary which will hold all the type as a key, count as a value, with a constructor that increments the value of the type created.


Cons & Pros [ShuraTech]

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This company is located in El Maadi, here

and that was the first company I’ve been in, that was internship, i lasted there for a month.

it was a small company, we where 8 developers there during that time, but they’ve increased now.

it had relatively good projects and clients


Configure MPI programs in eclipse


Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

if u r familiar with the distributed computing, then u have used,seen or even heard about MPICH

well, here are the steps u follow to make and run an MPICH program

1-download and install the MPICH executable form their website

2-include the headers and add the lib files

3-write ur program and build it

4-and after solving the errors that will reveal in ur code 😀 go to the mpich bin directory -All programs in the start menu if u r a windows user- and open the mpirun program and browse for the executable u have built, configure the number of processes to run and finally run in