With Ubuntu [A Fresh Install]


No, the old install didn’t crash !!!

i just was very anxious about the new Ubuntu release (Karmic Koala), so i installed the RC version

and as u know i hate to install a fresh install of any OS until the currently running one crashes, hangs and cries to let it die 😀



Common OpenGL Exception

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this is a kind of exception that happens normally when u r coding with opengl, whether using Tao framework for C# or native opengl
when u run the opengl program and u find it just crashes with no reason
then one of the main reason is the function “glutInit()
this function initializes the GLUT which should be initialized only ONCE per program run
and if this function fails to initialize -for many reasons- but with me mainly because it’s called more than a time, it crashes the program and just closes it
so just make sure u call this function only once..