Some advices for the new Scientificers



for the SC batch 2010….

now you should have seen half the subjects in the first term in my beloved dept “SC”

here are some advices i hope it helps….



Pliz help them!!! They’ve gotta be confused……


Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

after the first note which was on facebook about the fourth year depts which was made last year for my class, i think it was very helpfull

so i thought of doing the same this year for FCIS’10 class would be nice

and because there are some non-Facebook-users, i thought it would be better to have this post here not on facebook

please answer Those questions if u r/were in FCIS

1. enta f anhy kesm?
2. leh da5alt el kesm da?
3. eh ra2yak f Information Systems?
4. eh ra2yak f Computer Science?
5. eh ra2yak f Computer Systems?
6. eh ra2yak f Scientific Computing?
7. tensa7 meen yod5ol eh?