The best choice


So, how can i tell him ?!!

i can call him, thats gonna waste sometime..

what about an SMS, the phone sux in writing text

i can mention him in a tweet with the message, No, too public !!

a direct message would be a good choice (Y).

but an offline messenger message is more reliable, what about a mail ?!!

but, google wants to replace mail by wave, so a wave would be better

why a whole wave, i can just wave-ping him.

what about a Buzz ?! so i can test it..

it’s like facebook anyway, i can tell him on facebook

just tag him in a post, or write to his wall, again too public…

a private messa..DOES HE EVEN NEED TO KNOW !!!!

he’ll contact me soon, i can tell him then..

Good Night !


OUUUUUF….. At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)


at last i can access my hotmail mail through any mail client that supports the POP3

where i’m using Evolution

just configure it as shown in those screenshots

For sending:


How to configure ur hotmail account on Evolution [ubuntu]


hey hey….. before you read… check thisOUUUUUF At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)


here are the steps to configure your free hotmail account on evolution mail client as a POP3 mail in ubuntu

well.. open a terminal and copy & paste those commands or write them u like 😀

first make sure that your system is up to date

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install inetutils-inetd
sudo apt-get install hotway hotsmtp
sudo gedit /etc/inetd.conf

the last command will open u a file “inetd.conf”