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Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH Wa Barakato

here are some apps i frequently use which does help daily lowering the number of my clicks and buttons pressing

1. AutoKey

this App. lets u assign shortcuts to some text, as i always write “:SA” and it replaces it automatically with “Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH Wa Barakato”

and u can add shortcuts as much as u want, and it replaces text anywhere u r using the shortcut

note. this is a Linux App that already exist in the repository, for windows there was an App called Texter



With Ubuntu [A Fresh Install]


No, the old install didn’t crash !!!

i just was very anxious about the new Ubuntu release (Karmic Koala), so i installed the RC version

and as u know i hate to install a fresh install of any OS until the currently running one crashes, hangs and cries to let it die ūüėÄ


Quotes i won’t forget


here are some phrases i’ve heard from some people i’ve met, mainly in FCIS -my faculty-

“this is the learning curve in FCIS”

Mohamad Meshref…. (SDE Microsoft Redmond)

*that graph was somehow accurate -for me anyway-


Strings, JavaScript & IE

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if u r familiar with Javascript can u tell what will be the output of these lines ?

var src="abcd";
var dest="";
for (var i=0;i<4;i++)

well, it’s obvious that this fragment will produce a message box holding the string “abcd” unless u r used to code Javascript for IE

in Firefox or Chrome it works like a charm


Hidden Options [2]

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after  Hidden Options

here is the second post with the hidden options i’ve been collecting since then…

1-On Windows

    • Ctrl+C

    some times you need to copy the contents of a message box and the text is unselectable

    just press Ctrl+C when this message box is in focus and all it’s contents will be copied

    Thanx to Roaa “The Undocumented Feature”