LinkIt [Chrome Extension]


And that would be my first extension for Google Chrome/Chromium 🙂

as i’m have been using FireFox -and still using it- for a long time, getting used to double clicking text -non activated- links to be opened in another tab using the FireFox plugin Text Link so i don’t have to go into the process  “Select” – “Ctrl + t”- “Ctrl + v” + Enter to navigate to that link

you just go and double click the plain link to open it in a new tab or an email to open the default mail client


Strings, JavaScript & IE

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if u r familiar with Javascript can u tell what will be the output of these lines ?

var src="abcd";
var dest="";
for (var i=0;i<4;i++)

well, it’s obvious that this fragment will produce a message box holding the string “abcd” unless u r used to code Javascript for IE

in Firefox or Chrome it works like a charm


psssst.. Somebody’s watchin’



i’m gonna start with an apologize to google 😀

i thought they had a stupid bug in thier chrome

but some how they were not the stupid … neither were I 😀

i’m gonna show you what happened every time i use chrome to navigate to any website