Quotes i won’t forget


here are some phrases i’ve heard from some people i’ve met, mainly in FCIS -my faculty-

“this is the learning curve in FCIS”

Mohamad Meshref…. (SDE Microsoft Redmond)

*that graph was somehow accurate -for me anyway-



Recursive SQL statment using CTE “With as”


having such a table in a MS SQL Server 2005

where the table represents some employees and their tree structure in the organization, where each employee has a foreign key “ManagerID” which is  the ID of another Employee in the same table, and this table is represented with the following tree


Manipulating Visio “Shape Data” using VBA


recently i needed to write a macro that processes an MS  Visio 2007 page and and does some actions based on the contents of a custom defined stencil shapes, where this contents are saved as a Shape Data field in the shape


with ubuntu [it has been a long time]

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eight months since i had installed my running Ubuntu, it has been upgraded from Interpid (8.10)  to Jaunty (9.04)


Coders who don’t code


Today was my first day at work, in a company called Andaulsia Healthcare Business Solutions  “AHBS” in my beloved Alex.

kind of i was surprised by the coding approach used there, it’s simply “No Coding”



With Ubuntu


bye bye MS !!

i said those words one day that i started to install Linux

i had a fear that i go back to windows a day or more after i install it, but now i dont think that i’m going back to windows 😀

i can feel that my computer feels democracy 😀

every time i look on the requirments for a software , game or windows i look on the minimum requirments section to see if my PC will handle it or not as i know that the recommended requirments will be not in my PC 😀

with linux i saw the minimum , recommended and searched for any other requirments to see

this is the recomended requirments published on Ubuntu official website

  • 700 MHz x86 processor
  • 384 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • Sound card

  • A network or Internet connection

lol, i feel that i can run this OS on a gameboy and it will run smoothly


New To Vista (episode 4) [then… thats it]

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long time since i last wrote here

frankly alot of things have changed

the most obvious change that happened is my Operating System 😀

yes the “Vista” after three months

actually it didn’t crash but it almost crashed more than a time and recovered which was a nice feature there “more stable than XP” thats what i feel

but 😀