Configure MPI programs in eclipse


Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

if u r familiar with the distributed computing, then u have used,seen or even heard about MPICH

well, here are the steps u follow to make and run an MPICH program

1-download and install the MPICH executable form their website

2-include the headers and add the lib files

3-write ur program and build it

4-and after solving the errors that will reveal in ur code 😀 go to the mpich bin directory -All programs in the start menu if u r a windows user- and open the mpirun program and browse for the executable u have built, configure the number of processes to run and finally run in




Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]



i just wanted to write some about the department i’ve choosen to continue with in my final year at FCIS

as you can feel from the title of the topic “Part 1” which means the first term of the year

basically it was not as i expected “actually i dont know what was i expecting 😀 ” but it was better i think it’s the only department that you are given the problem and some basic knowladge and you have to make implement an algorithm

and that’s exactly the ACMer’s life 🙂

i’ll give a short note on every subject from the first term

First : Scientific Visualization