Happy 2 Ubuntu years..



Nearly two years have  passed since my move to Ubuntu

gotta say, It’s an interesting BSOD-less experience 😛

Of course I won’t claim it’s perfectly stable but for me it’s way more stable than windows.

kind of I had some problems most are solved, others needed workarounds, but mostly what i need to do is done at the end thanks to ALLAH

The continues problem was that my surrounding colleagues are not Ubuntu familiar/users and I’m working on that problem right now ;D

Anyway, I’ll list now the apps I found useful during those 2 years and I use them frequently.

First, for archiving purposes, this is my current desktop screenshot



Technology at the mosque


today after work i went to pray in a mosque near the company,

i was with three other friends and it was a new built mosque, it looked great from inside, intensively air-conditioned, big and well designed from inside

and like any other mosque it had the digital prayer times calculator

but in addition to the upper pic there was another field that was off More