FCIS Graduation Ceremony [How-To]


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kind of passing some experience, this post about things I found while preparing for my class’s graduation ceremony with this awesome team

GC Behind the scenes

some things I realized lately that i think that it would have been better if i knew then in advance, so I’ll try to put here all what i found while doing the preparations. More


Troubleshooting in ACM-ICPC Contest


i’ve participated in many contests as organizer, specifically in the technical stuff which is mainly two portions

  • The IDE which is mainly “eclipse
  • The contest communication tool which can’t be except “pc2”

and in the last contest i’ve participated in it’s technical preparations i faced a number of troubles

lets take them one by one

1.Teams don’t connect to the Server which is a Linux Machine

  • Solution : before you open the server edit the “pc2server” file and edit this line
  • java -Djava.security.policy=policy.ini $PC2CN $*
  • to be
  • java -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=”″ -Djava.security.policy=policy.ini $PC2CN $*
  • of course change the ip according to your server ip

and make this edit in all the executables you will run {team, board, judge…..}