Some advices for the new Scientificers



for the SC batch 2010….

now you should have seen half the subjects in the first term in my beloved dept “SC”

here are some advices i hope it helps….



The Half Rule


first take care how will you read the title

i mean don’t read it as “The (Half Rule)” but read it as “(The Half) Rule”  parenthesis makes difference 😀

i mean “Half” here is a noun  not an adjective

if u still can’t understand just u’ll understand from the context 😀

ok ok.. hold on.. “Kanoon El-Noss” , i think it’s now clear 😀

well, this rule was developed in SC’09 Class or u can call them the SC Mens…

yes… “Mens”


Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 2]


continuing with the second and last part in Scientific Computing Posts

where the first part was Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]

it’s just about the courses taken in SC


this semester was less interesting than the first term, may be that was because we had less scientific materials than the first as fourth year studs are planned to finish the exams half a month earlier than usual so the materials taught are less than usual in all the deps

but that doesn’t mean that we hadn’t took nice subjects


Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]



i just wanted to write some about the department i’ve choosen to continue with in my final year at FCIS

as you can feel from the title of the topic “Part 1” which means the first term of the year

basically it was not as i expected “actually i dont know what was i expecting 😀 ” but it was better i think it’s the only department that you are given the problem and some basic knowladge and you have to make implement an algorithm

and that’s exactly the ACMer’s life 🙂

i’ll give a short note on every subject from the first term

First : Scientific Visualization