Cons & Pros [Andalusia]


This Company is somehow special to me, may be coz it was the first IT company I joined in Alex/Professional life

it’s here, it has an awesome view on that green area

it is supposed to be developing ERP System for Hospitals for its parent company -which i think is Andalusia Group-

I think I’ve learned there so much, in so many branches and technical skills, was the first place I write code for semi-Fuzzy logic problem, I dove in SQL server more, I used some tools I didn’t use before or even thought I’d never use, coded for MS Office some Automation functions



Code Complete 2


you should really have a look on that book

i think it is the best book i’ve ever read till now talking about the SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle ) but mainly in the construction phase of the SDLC

it shows how to write an ideal program in the non ideal world ­čśŤ

it explains what to do .. and why would u do so in the design and the coding phases

i really liked it sooo much