Ubuntu Code Names


i just wanted to know the meanings of the complicated names of the Ubuntu releases, maybe it’s complicated for me, i’ve never heard such words before “intrepid , Jaunty , Ibex,….”

so i did some search to find them, and here are the meanings

first all the code names are composed of 2 words an adjective and an animal, both starting with the same character where releases are sorted alphabetically except the first two releases


Release 1 ( Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog)

which means a type of swines covered with Pustule

which is an ugly looking swine :D, duno why did they name it so



OUUUUUF….. At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)


at last i can access my hotmail mail through any mail client that supports the POP3

where i’m using Evolution

just configure it as shown in those screenshots

For sending:


How to configure ur hotmail account on Evolution [ubuntu]


hey hey….. before you read… check thisOUUUUUF At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)


here are the steps to configure your free hotmail account on evolution mail client as a POP3 mail in ubuntu

well.. open a terminal and copy & paste those commands or write them ..as u like 😀

first make sure that your system is up to date

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install inetutils-inetd
sudo apt-get install hotway hotsmtp
sudo gedit /etc/inetd.conf

the last command will open u a file “inetd.conf”


With Ubuntu


bye bye MS !!

i said those words one day that i started to install Linux

i had a fear that i go back to windows a day or more after i install it, but now i dont think that i’m going back to windows 😀

i can feel that my computer feels democracy 😀

every time i look on the requirments for a software , game or windows i look on the minimum requirments section to see if my PC will handle it or not as i know that the recommended requirments will be not in my PC 😀

with linux i saw the minimum , recommended and searched for any other requirments to see

this is the recomended requirments published on Ubuntu official website

  • 700 MHz x86 processor
  • 384 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • Sound card

  • A network or Internet connection

lol, i feel that i can run this OS on a gameboy and it will run smoothly