Ubuntu Code Names


i just wanted to know the meanings of the complicated names of the Ubuntu releases, maybe it’s complicated for me, i’ve never heard such words before “intrepid , Jaunty , Ibex,….”

so i did some search to find them, and here are the meanings

first all the code names are composed of 2 words an adjective and an animal, both starting with the same character where releases are sorted alphabetically except the first two releases


Release 1 ( Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog)

which means a type of swines covered with Pustule

which is an ugly looking swine :D, duno why did they name it so



with ubuntu [it has been a long time]

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eight months since i had installed my running Ubuntu, it has been upgraded from Interpid (8.10)  to Jaunty (9.04)


TopCoder Arena launcher in Ubuntu



that took me some time to create the launcher 😀

first i’m running on Ubuntu 9.04, all what i wanted is a launcher to start the Arena without the need to digg into folders for it

so i made the icon, put it in the Application launcher and added the command wich was “javaws %ArenaPath%/ContestAppletProd.jnlp”

and when i click it, nothing happens More

Hidden Options [2]

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after  Hidden Options

here is the second post with the hidden options i’ve been collecting since then…

1-On Windows

    • Ctrl+C

    some times you need to copy the contents of a message box and the text is unselectable

    just press Ctrl+C when this message box is in focus and all it’s contents will be copied

    Thanx to Roaa “The Undocumented Feature”


    OUUUUUF….. At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)


    at last i can access my hotmail mail through any mail client that supports the POP3

    where i’m using Evolution

    just configure it as shown in those screenshots

    For sending:


    Troubleshooting in ACM-ICPC Contest


    i’ve participated in many contests as organizer, specifically in the technical stuff which is mainly two portions

    • The IDE which is mainly “eclipse
    • The contest communication tool which can’t be except “pc2”

    and in the last contest i’ve participated in it’s technical preparations i faced a number of troubles

    lets take them one by one

    1.Teams don’t connect to the Server which is a Linux Machine

    • Solution : before you open the server edit the “pc2server” file and edit this line
    • java -Djava.security.policy=policy.ini $PC2CN $*
    • to be
    • java -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=”″ -Djava.security.policy=policy.ini $PC2CN $*
    • of course change the ip according to your server ip

    and make this edit in all the executables you will run {team, board, judge…..}


    How to configure ur hotmail account on Evolution [ubuntu]


    hey hey….. before you read… check thisOUUUUUF At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)


    here are the steps to configure your free hotmail account on evolution mail client as a POP3 mail in ubuntu

    well.. open a terminal and copy & paste those commands or write them ..as u like 😀

    first make sure that your system is up to date

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install inetutils-inetd
    sudo apt-get install hotway hotsmtp
    sudo gedit /etc/inetd.conf

    the last command will open u a file “inetd.conf”


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