So it’s FCIS third year, ha?!!


Ok, let me see..
First, FCIS third year is not hard at all, it is very interesting and you’ll learn so much from it if you wish just try to really free yourself from anything except your studies to enjoy it.

Second, the best thing to learn from during this year in some subjects will be the projects you do, so try to start in those projects as early as possible to give each project enough time and innovate..

Third, what I am going to write next depends mostly on my knowledge and experience that might be outdated as I was in this place may be three years a go and it depends on my way of thinking and opinions.

So, lets see the subjects you do have in it



acmASCIS Submitter


here I’m gonna explain the product I’ve participated in and liked

i’ve worked in that product with Fouad, I really enjoy working with that guy 🙂

The acmASCIS  Submitter is a submission tool that submits acm problem codes to the UVA

First the Logon form