with ubuntu [it has been a long time]

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eight months since i had installed my running Ubuntu, it has been upgraded from Interpid (8.10)  to Jaunty (9.04)



An Egyptian Process



lastly i’ve won an award of being the “Ideal student 2008-2009”, that reminded me with the complicated process i’ve passed to win that award….

first, a white/black paper is hanged everywhere in the faculty buildings with the important points are highlighted with a green highlighting pen which says “The student who sees himself Ideal go to Mr/Mrs …….”

this student should have the following characteristics:

1-his clothes should indicate he is an Egyptian student… i don’t know which clothes doesn’t indicate i’m Egyptian, if they meant a custom, then the only things that is an Egyptian custom is Jalabeyya or Tarboosh, else are American, Italian,….

2-he should be speaking more than a language… lol, i speak 2 Arabic languages and Egyptian English very well (Y)

3-his grades are not less than Very Good

so.. of course no body applied in this game, neither did i..